About Us

Agrimax Group is an Agricultural Establishment based in Spain, we specialise in the production of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, poultry equipments and the vast majority of agricultural inputs.

We’ve produced a great list of seeds. Superior varieties of hybrid seeds, OP seeds, forage crops seeds and hobby seeds.

We have established different production lines around the globe to make sure we produce nothing but the best of seeds in terms of quality, to suit the need of all markets in all regions.

Our qualified R&D team, works to develop our products to meet both the market’s and farmers’ demands.

Our contribute to the overall society by the use of sustainable methods to assure that our process of  production helps in maintaining global food security and in saving enormous amounts water.

We are looking forward to meeting you.


A project we have achieved in less than a year

  • Seeds 89%
  • fertilizer 77%
  • Poultry Projects 55%